Our Story

The El Hakim family immigrated to the United States from the War Torn country of Lebanon in the early eighties. Phillipe owned a successful group of businesses in Lebanon, including a factory. Unable to return home they entered survival mode. With limited English and no money, Phillippe took a job making furniture in Denver. A customer of the of the furniture business and now longtime friend, was doing business at the shop one day and mentioned to Phillippe the property at 1300 W. Elizabeth, Ft. Collins was ending a lease soon. A call to Samia to ask if she would be willing to prepare her family recipes for the masses, the family entered a new chapter in all of their lives. Samia always loved to cook and would prepare enough food for the neighbors when they lived in Denver. After each meal everyone would tell Samia “Yum Yum.” And this is how Yum Yum’s Restaurant came to be. The first few years were a struggle. Very few people at the time knew what Gyros were and even fewer had ever heard of hummus. Soon the customer base began to grow. As more people from and around the great community of Fort Collins tried the dishes they were returning more and more. Twenty-four years later and the development of Campus West around the little sandwich shop has turned out to be yet another success story of “The American Dream.”